The impact of project management and effect on success


Handling complex IT project, using project management techniques can be very valuable for the ongoing progress leading to a higher long-term success rate. IT projects can be complex with regards to both planning and the execution for a great variety of reasons, internal and external. Being able to handle these complex projects successfully is a great asset to any employer. It is what differentiates project managers from being mediocre to the center of epicenter of the final solution.

Common Complications Within IT Project Management

The high rate of failure in information technology project is reflected in the level of severity for any IT Project Manager. Former studies have shown that less than 35% of IT projects across business sectors are considered successful and close to a quarter of all the projects failed completely. This leaves approximately 40% of the projects being “challenged” to a certain degree.

Among the “challenged” projects it is often common with budgets being exceeded, deadlines not being met and even lack of functionalities in the so called “version 1” – these common failures can be avoided with several techniques (more on that later).

As mentioned there can be several reasons why projects fail, some can be due to poor planning, deadlines which does not cover the full scope of the project or even lack of scope creep. These common difficulties are found in almost any type projects, some more severe than others, and the basic of the IT projects makes these 3 types of situations even more likely to occur.

Factors affecting IT projects negatively:

  • Insufficient IT professionals with strong project management skills and experience
  • Difficulties with technology solutions or hardware limitations
  • Lack of general understanding for the specific challenges ahead with IT projects by managers setting up the structure and planning of projects


Improve The Success Rate of IT Project via Project Management Focus

In managing IT projects overcoming specific difficulties, acquiring skills of IT project management focus will come through experience and training. This can lead to a greater rate of success and a greater understanding of how to address issues in the best manor to achieve the overall objective and circumvent the issues. By drawing on experience from senior project managers or going through project management training session, you learn how to apply strategies and communication the vision of the projects in order to increase the outcome and the effectiveness of the team.

Creating uniform KPIs, techniques for measuring performance and finding common grounds for how to best possible describe them, are some of the fundamental concepts in project management. Focusing on these techniques will improve the total outcome of every project. Maintaining a focus on the timelines, budget deviations and overall scope of the project are all crucial when trying to ensure an IT project is progression towards the overall objective.